Our Purpose

At the core of 4good's business model is our unwavering commitment to social impact. We believe in a world where no charity or cause lacks the funding to help humanity. We exist to create band new sources of funding to help the communities and people dedicated to helping the planet and those in need.

Our 4good Community: Fuels a Continuous Cycle of Impact

We are committed to empowering individuals to make a positive change in the world. This creates a perpetual funding source for charities and nonprofits, financed by advertisers.
We empower brands to do more good by simply tapping into a business process they are already doing at no extra cost.
We empower non-profits to generate sustainable funding to achieve their goals without having to ask for more dollars.
We empower consumers to user their engagement to generate social impact and feel they are helping to make a difference without costing them physical dollars.
We empower culture creators and influencers to inspire their fans to do more good and give them a platform to achieve hugely scalable social impact.

Our team

We are a group of Advertising, Marketing and Technology executives who’s mission is to drive positive impact with our combined skills.
Noel Geer
Advertising Technology Founder with 21+ years of experience developing advertising and marketing technology, growth strategy and business development.
Koken Kircalioglu
Business executive with 18+ years of experience in spearheading significant marketing, technical and strategic initiatives for multinational corporations
Simon Kissler
Technology leader with 21+ years of experience designing and building leading technology solutions driven by business value and creating differentiating customer experiences.

Innovating for a Better Future

At 4good, we are driven by our commitment to support causes through innovation. We continuously strive to develop new solutions that make it easier for everyone to contribute to the charities they care about.

We believe that people are the media. And that by empowering them to choose a better way for advertisers to engage, we give everyone collectively and incentive to become activists in an inclusive way.

4good is the convergence of citizens, corporations, marketers, influencers and non-profits in a secure, trusted ecosystem that generates engagement, utility, revenue and social impact.

We are creating a place where everyone wins and most of all the future we leave our children.
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Simplifying Generosity: Making Supporting Charities Effortless in Daily Life